Mark Allyn Artistic Journal
Light Artist in Portland,Oregon
Playing With Light And All Types of Materials
When I was five years old, I got a toy flashlight for Christmas. I remember that Christmas night, I lay in bed aiming the flashlight at the ceiling of the room. I quickly learned that I could draw patterns using persistence of vision.

My love for light and playing with it began.

A few years later, I got an erector set and tinker toys for Christmas.

My love for making things began.

My first light art project was at 10 years old when I made a house out of blocks and put night lights in it to simulate light in rooms.

My light art career began when I was about eight years old.

At that time, as a child, I never even dreamed that fifty two years later I will end up making something like this:

Mark Allyn Pole Dancing in The Last Supper
rainhat shining
When I was about 11 years old, I was at Jordan Marsh, a department store in Boston, looking for tools (yes, I had already started to make things). I saw a clear plastic slipcover on sale for $1.00. I don't know, why, but I bought it.

Three weeks later, I made a clear plastic raincoat by cutting up that slipcover and melting the pieces together using a hot light bulb. My first clear plastic raincot.

Again, I had no dream of what I would end up with nearly forty years later:

A Lighted Jacket to Wear Out On The Town
rainhat shining
In The Beginning - Sewing From The Heart
My first creative arts were in sewing. These two galleries showcase some of my sewing project prior to the start of my light career. My these are to let my imagination shine in what I wear and to let myself shine in the rain!
Wool Coat
Artistic Clothing
Clear Rain Coat
Handmade Transparent Rainwear
Getting Things Hotter - Welding
I wanted more ways to be creative. What I got instead is power over powerful materials. Materials like steel and stainless steel. Metals that gave us the industrial revolution. I learned welding and metalcraft on my own through experimentation and ability to thrive from my mistakes.
Steel Water Bottle Cage
Steel Sculpture
The Inner Light From My Heart
From the time that I played with my toy flashlight in my dark bedroom late one winter night during childhood, I knew that the inner light from my heart has yearned to come out and shine. My light art sculptures and lighted clothing are the manifestation of this light shining from my heart.

Helping the light shine from within are my skills in glass engraving and sandblasting which I picked up while I was learing how to weld steel.

Shooting Start At Sunrise
Light Art Sculpture
Shooting Start At Sunrise
Lighted Clothing
Pole Dancing at the Last Supper
Using my skills in welding, glass engraving, sandblasting, and metal finishing; as well as working with light; I was able to manifest the dream of pole dancing inside of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper.
Jesus Blessing The Last Supper
Pole Dancing at Last Supper
A Portland, Oregon icon, Rhoda, passed away recently. She was an angel to the Radical Faerie communities everywhere. This is a tribute to her life and light!
Rhoda on Stage
Rhoda's Dancing on Stage
Light Art on a Bicycle
What can be done to create a unique bicycle light? Dreaming and creating for six months result in this bicycle. I only rode it for a year or so until I had a near accident and realized that fifty pounds of engraved glass does not handle well on a bicycle, especially if I am riding downhill in the rain and have to stop quickly. It was fun while it lasted.
Glass Engraving on Bicycle
Light Art Museum on a Bicycle
How I Made Lighted Clear Plastic Clothing
How I Use Optical Fiber
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